In just 3 hours and 30 minutes, discover a food-focused experience in one of the most scenic landscapes in Switzerland. Be enchanted by the majestic view of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), the largest inland lake in Western Europe. You can also learn about the Lavaux vineyards, the best wine region you have never heard of.

The Lac Léman

There are many beautiful lakes in Europe; Como, Annecy, Garda, Bled etc. But none of them is surrounded by so many beautiful towns and small villages along its shores. Lac Léman’s shores are actually part of both Switzerland and France. To the north, west and east of Lac Léman there is Montreux – the home of the world renowned Jazz Festival, Lausanne – which houses the headquarters of International Olympic Committee, Geneva – where the headquarters of United Nation is located and Vevey the home of Nestle. So whether you are just sightseeing in Montreux, looking for things to do in Geneva or want to try a unique Lausanne tour, Swiss Panoramic Tours can help you experience the gorgeous surrounding of Lac Léman. On board Swiss Panoramic Tours’ luxurious panoramic mini bus, you don’t have to worry about the changing season, whether it is winter or summer, you can enjoy outstanding beautiful scenery at all times.

The Lavaux Vineyard

Switzerland is famous for many things, but wine is not one of them. When Switzerland is surrounded by wine producing countries, one can wonder why the Swiss don’t have wines for sale? As it turns out, Switzerland’s wine production is fairly small-scale. Hardly 1% of their production is being exported out of the country. So, if you want to taste Swiss wine, there is no other way to try it but in Switzerland. Visiting the Lavaux vineyard region is one of the best things to do while you are in Lausanne.

Panoramic Dinner Tour

One of the stops of our Panoramic Dinner Tour is Auberge du Vigneron, a restaurant that sits high above Lac Léman. It has a Mediterranean ambiance and they only serve fresh and seasonal food. Savor locally caught Perche Filet, served with boiled potatoes and a lemon sauce. Indulge in a glass of locally produced wine made from Chasselas. On a beautiful day, you can have dinner outside on their terrace (Ranked in the top 10 terraces in the region) and find the most fabulous view of the Lavaux vineyard and the amazing view of Lac Léman below.

Book a private Swiss dinner tour now from Swiss Panoramic Tours. Revel in specially prepared delicious local dishes, taste local white wine and enjoy the most breathtaking views of the Alpes and Lake Geneva. Make it a must in one of your things to do in Lausanne and things to do in Geneva or if you want to enjoy a Montreux sightseeing experience. It will be an unforgettable experience.

We also organize a Panoramic Wine Tour and Panoramic Fondue Tour.